Man (and Dad) Aisles

The numbers related to men grocery shopping, both single men and Dads, continue to rise. More research comes out practically every day related to the significance of this growing trend. Here are just a few factors related to male shopping habits:

  • more frequent but quicker trips, with less overall purchases
  • often come with prepared lists – but can be influenced by in-store promotions
  • men are cooking more – and planning and shopping for family meals
  • becoming more aware of the latest health and nutritional research

There are numerous ways to focus your displays to target male shoppers. Here are just a couple:

CMS Orchard Bins

Focus on a part of the store geared to men that makes it easy, and quick, to locate items of interest, plus  shows off companion, “impulse” products.

Idea:  Orchard Bins – place fresh baguettes, sauces and fresh vegies next to regular produce

Within designated spots, display “male-oriented” products side-by-side and use  settings that present a more masculine “look”.

Idea:  display fresh bread and sale wines together

Website Link:
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