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In-Store Bars and Dining

I have come across a rash of articles lately profiling supermarket chains that are adding in-store bars and restaurants. In Hy-Vee’s new Des Moines stores, their Market Grilles offer casual dining, along with craft beer selections and large TV screens. Another example: Whole Foods is currently in the process of adding in-store dining and bars to their new stores in the Chicago market. Around the country, other grocery chains Continue reading In-Store Bars and Dining

shou sugi ban charred wood


I’m not trying to impress with my use of Japanese — “shou-sugi-ban” is a wood treatment technique invented by the Japanese. It involves charring wood to add beauty and longevity to the wood. Traditionally in Japan, cedar siding and fencing was burnt to increase the wood’s resistance to insects and fire. The basic idea involves burning the surface of the wood to a varying degree of char, anywhere from a lightly burned-in look to a deep black char. When done well, Continue reading Shou-Sugi-Ban

CMS custom hotel bar and lounge

Attract Customers: Dining and Beverage Experiences

To combat inroads made by the online shopping world, department stores have been looking at new ways to provide on-site experiences that will compel shoppers to want to visit their stores. Two concepts getting a lot of play have been in-store, upscale restaurants and bar/lounge spaces that offer attractive spots for customers to relax and have a cocktail or a coffee. Continue reading Attract Customers: Dining and Beverage Experiences

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