Slows Bar-B-Q

copper wall panelsGrand Rapids, MI isn’t just the birthplace of CMS; it also happens to now be the new home for the award- winning restaurant – Slows Bar-B-Q.

We recently had the opportunity to work on this project with Pioneer Construction, designing and manufacturing much of the casework and architecture seen inside. Located in the Downtown Market, this 6,000 square foot BBQ joint has a lot to offer. From fantastic food to an up-beat, market-style atmosphere – Slows Bar-B-Q is the place to be.

Our team at CMS appreciated participating on this project. Shown here are a few photos showcasing some of our work. For a further look inside Slows Bar-B-Q and to learn key details related to the project, click here.

Slows Bar-B-Q restaurant

For more info on the restaurant itself, here’s a link to the Slows Bar-B-Q website.