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You Visualize. We Customize.

Since 1991, our team at CMS has been committed to designing and manufacturing top of
the line products to meet your specifications. We’ve designed over 800 standard products
but we are also capable of creating custom designed solutions for just about any
environment. Over the years, we’ve done specialized work for floral shops, hotel lobbies,
supermarkets, restaurants, and many other interior spaces. Although custom design work can certainly present challenges, our team is dedicated to Continue reading You Visualize. We Customize.

Americana Orchard Bins

Orange you glad it’s almost summer!

Our team at CMS is ecstatic for the upcoming summer season! Warmer weather, golf outings, and fresh produce hitting the stores are a few of the things we are looking forward to. It doesn’t get much better than walking into a produce department filled with an array of colors, misted veggies and fresh picked fruits. To share our excitement, here are a few tips on using our products to merchandise your seasonal produce: Continue reading Orange you glad it’s almost summer!


And Now… Craft Popcorn

By now we all know about the craft beer movement that has swept across the country and my last post was on craft whiskey, but you probably are not familiar with a similar heirloom (craft) popcorn revival in this country. As with craft beer, people are searching out artisanal and more flavorful (as well as healthy) snack options, Continue reading And Now… Craft Popcorn