Orange you glad it’s almost summer!

Our team at CMS is ecstatic for the upcoming summer season! Warmer weather, golf outings, and fresh produce hitting the stores are a few of the things we are looking forward to. It doesn’t get much better than walking into a produce department filled with an array of colors, misted veggies and fresh picked fruits. To share our excitement, here are a few tips on using our products to merchandise your seasonal produce:

Multi-Height Frontier Bins
Multi-Height Frontier Bins

Instead of using the same size Orchard Bin, try utilizing a cluster of bins with a variety of heights. Not only does this offer more versatility, but it can visually influence and attract your customers.

Keep your displays looking attractive and clean with ABS Liners.

Vintage Bin Adjustable Deck
Roughsawn Vintage Bin

With the amount of fresh produce piling in, don’t miss out on our great accessories for Orchard Bins such as Banana Risers, Melon Toppers and ABS Dome inserts.

Not all Orchard Bins have stationary decks! Check out our adjustable decks. A great choice for larger, bulk produce such as watermelons and cantaloupe.

Eurotables with Chalkboards
Eurotables w/ Chalkboards

Signage can play a significant role in a display to help direct your shoppers to a specific featured or sale item.

This season, try using our chalkboards. They provide a bold direction to seasonal produce and are convenient during modifications.

Stainless Steel Bin Insert
Stainless Steel Insert

Not only is stainless steel a high quality product but it’s also great for maintaining cooler temperatures. When displaying your chilled products, try our stainless steel inserts. They fit perfectly into several of our Orchard Bins.

You’ll find many more ideas on our main website. Throughout the site, slideshows provide in-store photos of our display fixtures in action.

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