The Millennials!

It shouldn’t be a big surprise that the millennial generation is making a huge impact on the retail world. This technology savvy group of individuals and their large amounts of ‘followers’ have scaled a diverse approach to grocery shopping. Rather than looking for inexpensive meals such as Top Ramon and Lean Cuisines, they’re taking a more organic and healthier approach by recognizing that fun and fresh are no longer fragmented when it comes to their food.

Companies like Whole Foods and Roundy’s Market have already paved the path for directing attention to this large generation. For instance, last month, Whole Foods announced the development of a sister chain that will supply lower-priced products that cater specifically to this new generation.  Roundy’s Market has focused on the farm-to-table movement that is embraced by millennials, and has opened 35 juice bars featuring healthy smoothies. It is vitally important to recognize that millennials are projected to surpass baby boomers this year as the largest living generation.

Here are a few products our sales team suggests to help target millennials.

wine display centerWine Display Centers:  Although the baby boomer generation remains the largest group of wine consumers, millennials are not far behind! These individuals tend to focus on both the quality and unique characteristics of the wine they select. For this group, it’s important to display bottles properly and to share information about the wine you are featuring. Our Wine Cabinets not only properly store wine but also subtly provide recommendations by drawing the shopper’s eye to showcased wines displayed on top.

bakery gourmet center

Gourmet Centers:  Perfect for sitting on the perimeter of the store, these displays exhibit fresh gourmet products and reveal a local, marketplace atmosphere. Gourmet Centers communicate to millennials that the items being sold are both fresh and convenient.

wall merchandiser

Wall Merchandisers:  Millennials trend towards a farm to table experience. CMS Produce Wall Merchandisers are great for showcasing local and fresh products, as well as providing a way to cross-merchandise complementary items.

Link:  USA Today article on Whole Foods opening a lower cost chain geared to millennials.