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CMS custom hotel bar and lounge

Attract Customers: Dining and Beverage Experiences

To combat inroads made by the online shopping world, department stores have been looking at new ways to provide on-site experiences that will compel shoppers to want to visit their stores. Two concepts getting a lot of play have been in-store, upscale restaurants and bar/lounge spaces that offer attractive spots for customers to relax and have a cocktail or a coffee. Continue reading Attract Customers: Dining and Beverage Experiences

Proposed Food Label Revisions

Food LabelsThis past month the FDA proposed several significant changes to the standard food nutrition label which appears on roughly 700,000 packaged foods.

One of the more noticeable changes would be an emphasis on calorie counts, with bigger/bolder calorie numbers. Related to this, serving sizes will be altered to represent what most people actually eat. As an example, Continue reading Proposed Food Label Revisions