CMS Flashback!

Twenty-four years ago, after many years in the construction business, Don Smith decided to take a leap into the display fixture business. CMS was created on the foundation of superiority and affordability. Starting out in his home office shop, Smith sourced his innovative ideas and quality designs into amazing products. In the early years, CMS became known for its popular 3-tier merchandiser, which provided adjustability and efficiency throughout countless produce departments. Thousands of these merchandisers were sold to supermarkets across the Midwest. As the business grew, customers stretched from the West Michigan area across the entire United States, as well as to other parts of the world including Europe, Canada and Central America. In addition, the overall product line has continued to expand and evolve to now contains over 800 products, with the capability of offering customized options.

Today, CMS is known for its presence in supermarkets across the grid as well as in restaurants, bars, hospitals, and retail environments. Although our company has expanded over the last quarter century, our mission to supply quality, innovation, value and service to all of our customers continues to remain the same.

For a closer look at our company history, check out our CMS Timeline!