Endless Bakery Cases

We recently introduced our new line of Endless Bakery Cases as a simple but very flexible approach for displaying high-volume, fresh baked goods. 2-Door and 3-Door Cases come in both a standard and roll bag holder version. All cases are built at a standard 84″ height and 42″ depth. The 2-door cases accommodate 2 pans across, while the 3-door cases handle 3 pans.


Standard (height and depth) sizing provides complete flexibility so that you can create as large a display as necessary. Order an in-line run of several cases to fit side-by-side (see the example illustration above). Cases come standard without end panels so you can effectively order as many as necessary — and then simply add an optional end panel to the two end cases in your display. You can also add optional divider panels to separate bakery items between the cases.

Of course you can always start out small and order a single standalone case (with end panels), knowing that you will be able to expand your display later with additional cases.

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