Slant Top Orchard Bin

Here is a sneak peek at a brand new orchard bin we are introducing this spring. In fact,  this photo shows one of the first bins to leave our warehouse.

Slant Top Orchard BinAs their product name implies, these bins come with a slanted, angled top that props up fresh fruits and vegetables. This enhances the display to your customers, which can lead to increased sales. As a hybrid of our Frontier Orchard Bin and Eurotable products, these bins work quite well against a wall and/or side-by-side in a  row.

Slant Top Orchard Bins come in two distinct styles, no box and with box. Both styles can be intermixed, as shown here, to vary the look of your display. The box unit offers a great way to cross-merchandise .  An accessory shelf can be added to the box unit for further flexibility in your display.

Here’s what you need to know to order one of these bins:

Bin with No Box

STOB-364336  36″w x 43″h x 36″d

STOB-364936  36″w x 49″h x 36″d

STOB-365436  36″w x 54″h x 36″d

STOB-484336  48″w x 43″h x 36″d

STOB-484936  48″w x 49″h x 36″d

STOB-485436  48″w x 54″h x 36″d

Bin with One Box

STOB1S-364336  36″w x 43″h x 36″d

STOB1S-364936  36″w x 49″h x 36″d

STOB1S-365436  36″w x 54″h x 36″d

STOB1S-484336  48″w x 43″h x 36″d

STOB1S-484936  48″w x 49″h x 36″d

STOB1S-485436  48″w x 54″h x 36″d

Shelf Accessories for one-box models:

STOBS-36 – shelf for 36″w bin

STOBS-48 – shelf for 48″w bin

Product Features:

  • solid hardwood construction, with 2 coats clear lacquer finish
  • vertical “V” groove veneer panels
  • ABS liner

Product Options:

  • custom stains available
  • locking swivel casters
  • cart protection bumper
  • accent corner brackets