How to Win Back Customers

NPR’s food-related blog site “the salt” added a great post this week on how grocery chains need to evolve and get creative to win back customers who now have more shopping channels to choose from. Although traditional grocery stores have been losing market share (per the article, 15% over the past 10 years), many chains are proving that there are numerous ways to fight back. We have touched on some of these in past posts here on our own site, including the first one listed below which was the topic of our most recent post.

Here are 5 ways grocery chains are innovating:

1. ” groceraunts” – a terrific term that refers to full-service restaurants (and bars) within a grocery store … note: department stores are also in on this trend – see our March 19 post

2. smaller stores, especially in urban areas – green grocers featuring higher-end and local foods, along with less-quantity, more finely-tuned product choices … note: we have an upcoming post on “the paradox of choice”

3. more/improved services – on-site dieticians, wine sommeliers and trained chefs are just a few examples here

4. millenial enticements – local, craft and international foods, beer and wine tastings (see our June 5 post), cooking demos, etc.

5. new grocery delivery options – employing new technology and courier options

As mentioned above, I will be referencing these topics more in upcoming posts so keep checking back. In the meantime, here’s a link to the NPR article.