Gluten-Free Foods: Segregation or Integration?

A gluten-free diet is mandatory for people with celiac disease but it also has increasingly become integrated into the daily diet of many health-conscious shoppers. For supermarkets, this means participating in the expansion and incorporation of gluten-free products throughout the store. As a result, retailers everywhere are asking the question, “Should gluten-free products become integrated or segregated?”

A recent Supermarket News online post does a great job of talking about both sides of this issue. Whichever direction you choose to position your products, consider using displays that are easy for shoppers to view and shop from. Here are a few simple display tips:

bagel bin towerComplement your Bakery department with Bread Merchandisers featuring Acrylic Bins. GF-sensitive shoppers want to be certain that non-packaged baked goods are avoiding cross-contamination with gluten-containing like products. Acrylic bins provide this sense of security. The use of Chalkboard Signs can also help direct the attention of shoppers looking for gluten-free options.

Crate Merchandisers or Nesting Tables are not only attractive but great for spot merchandising. Place in your snack aisle and incorporate gluten-free snacks.

endcap merchandiser displayEndcap Merchandisers at the end of an aisle can segregate GF products from other similar products within that aisle of the store — or can be used to integrate GF and non-GF products on separate shelves.

LINK:  Supermarket News article