Happy Mother’s Day

In honor of all the wonderful grocery shoppin’ Moms out there, we’d like to attempt to make their lives just a little less stressful! Even in today’s society, women are still the primary grocery shopper in the household. And for most, grocery shopping can often become more of a “chore” than an enjoyable experience. Especially with little ones in the cart! Help make things easier for those wonderful grocery shopping Moms out there with these helpful tips:

wine crate merchandiserMake Wine Accessible!  Don’t punish women by making them reach in high places or search through too many selections. Showcase some of your most popular red & white wines in a smaller, focused and easy-to-access display like this Wine Crate Merchandiser. These heavy-duty crates are available at a low-cost point and provide a market-feel look.

orchard bins - wood crates

Cross Merchandise!  This method of retail is perfect for both parties – the customer and the store. When thinking about the shopper, this could be a 1-stop-shop display to help whip up a famous family recipe. These Orchard Bins with side boxes provide just that. Add Wood Crates around the perimeter and your possibilities become endless.

single BOV merchandiserSupport the Grab-N-Go functionality!  Moms are ALWAYS on-the-go. Between school functions and afternoon soccer games, Moms usually squeeze in their grocery shopping with roughly 12 minutes to spare. Make those small, ready-to-go items ready and easily accessible to support this type of shopper profile. With our Basket of Values Merchandisers, you have the ability to place anywhere and in any department. Or simply place along your check-out lanes for extra visibility.