Millennials – Coming in Hot!

There is no doubt that millennials are shifting cultural norms. Millennials, often described as “cord cutters”, are twisting up just about anything and everything that has been paved before them through traditions and social norms, since before the baby boomers. Here are just a few of the changes we’re starting to see from millennials:

  • Health and wellness are a huge priority
  • Marriage and children are happening later in life
  • Money is spent on exquisite food and traveling the world

Among these changes is one in particular that has imprinted a demographic shift in society – women are more likely to enter the workforce and men are more likely to stay at home. This adjustment specifically affects the way grocery shopping is done. In general, men have a tendency to shop differently than the average woman. Listed below are a few merchandising tips on how to prepare for a typical millennial male’s shopping trip.

spot merchandisers(1) Men are less price sensitive and more focused on moving quickly through a store. They reach for the 15-minute meal solutions and microwaveable meals.

Suggestion: Spot Merchandisers are mobile and perfect for any department. Whether they’re in aisle ways or check-out lanes, simply add fast, meal solutions into the baskets and watch them vanish.

bread-shelves-tag-molding(2) Easy shopping is the best shopping. Men want to get in and out of the store without getting a headache.

Suggestion: Apply tag-molding on all shelves to help create easy navigation to merchandise.

produce-wall-merchandiser(3) Health and wellness are important. Millennials tend to purchase the healthier, organic options with name brands.

Suggestion: Produce Wall Merchandisers are an effective approach for cross merchandising just about anything. Create an area with healthier options and make it a one-stop shop for these needs.

wine-4-way-merchandiser(4) Wine and craft beer are home necessities. Spending more money on these items is common for all millennial shopping excursions.

Suggestion: Use spot merchandisers, such as crates and 4-Way Wine Merchandisers, to create a popular display for a quick-shop approach.

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