Meet our team!

Here at CMS, our employees represent our brand. We ultimately find our success through our team! They have a passion for what they do and they believe in the products. Take a look at some of our key positions and players and see how they contribute to our success…

cms-team-wes-sterenbergMeet our Tom Brady, Wes Sterenberg

35 years in this business – Wes has paved the way to be one of our best sales representatives. Wes is hands-on, passionate, and provides leadership to the rest of the team. Just like Tom Brady, Wes continues to touch the ball on every play and does an excellent job directing his team to the end zone.

cms-team-chas-wilburMeet our Michael Oher, Chas Wilbur

As one of our engineers, Chas approaches every project with purpose and resolution. He takes immense pride in his knowledge of design and manufacturing and constantly works with our team to provide a solution that fits within our manufacturing guidelines. Chas is a team player, diligent and a problem solver. He excels in protecting our quarterbacks (salespeople) and making quick decisions when needed.

cms-team-dan-williamsMeet our Barry Sanders, Dan Williams

Our production line is valuable in so many ways. They make everything happen and complete the goals. Dan is one of the crucial components on the line. Always ready to receive the ball from the quarterbacks, Dan executes a rushing play and delivers every time. Our team puts a lot of trust and respect into him as he is quite frequently our primary ball holder.

cms-team-michael-johnsonMeet our Carson Wentz, Michael Johnson 

Michael is the rookie of our team! But don’t be fooled by his title! He comes to us from Grand Valley State University with a bachelors in Business Administration. Since Michael started at CMS, he has quickly became one of our starting quarterbacks showing sales leadership, dedication and knowledge.

We’re constantly looking to draft new players. If you feel like you would be a good fit, scout out our team and check our opportunities!