The Process

Sales Representative:  Whether it’s an initial conversation or a re-occurring chat, this stage in our process is where we build trust by applying our outstanding customer service and enriched industry knowledge. Our sales team is here to bring you solutions that fit right for your retail environment.

Engineering:  One thing that makes us different is our on-site design team that works hand-in-hand with our sales representatives in planning your solutions. Does our standard product not work well in your retail environment? No problem! We have the capability to adjust and fine-tune many of our products to make them exactly what you’re looking for.

Mill:  As the first area in our production line, the Mill operates at the beginning of the project. This is where lumber is cut and molded to specified print dimensions. Cut lumber is then placed on a cart and staged for assembly.

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CNC:  Our CNCs produce a large percentage of assembly’s. They’re capable of cutting complex parts that are too time consuming or difficult to cut by hand. The CNC cuts a variety of materials needed by various projects including plywood, melamine, laminate and plastics. Parts are completed and organized per job and staged for assembly.

Assembly / Case Clean:  This is where the fun begins! The operation here is taking all raw materials and component parts to produce a quality product, read from blueprints. Taking each piece of lumber and making it become something is fascinating to our team. In this process, products move throughout case clean to get sanded and looked over for any imperfections. These tasks are performed by some of the best builders in the business.

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Stain:  Whether it’s adding a vibrant or subtle color to a display, this stage in the process takes your design and brings it to life. Our team efficiently sprays each product then hand-wipes all excess stain to show a clean finish. Want a custom stain to match your existing displays? You got it! Our finishing room works to match your desired stain.

Trim:  The product is almost finished but needs the final touches. Casters, cart protection bumper, and glass are a few of the things that are applied at this stage. This is the last area before the product is finished. This team has an eye for detail and diligently looks over the entire product before heading to the shipping dock.

Quality Control / Shipping:  We strive to deliver quality product! Our quality team carefully checks and double checks each project to ensure that it matches the paperwork and CMS standards. With the transporting of glass, acrylic and wood, it’s extremely important to package and crate every unit to ensure that it delivers in one piece. We use products such as bubble wrap, foam, bubble cushioning and pallets to certify that our product gets delivered with its existing quality.

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