2014 Trends: Cauliflower and Doughnuts

According to a news article on the Canadian Grocer website, cauliflower is going to be the new kale in 2014 and doughnuts are going to be huge (figuratively, that is). These are just a few of the trends predicted for this new year.

Vegetables will continue their recent hot streak with cauliflower and Swiss chard predicted to be the two trendy new vegies, taking over the mantle from kale. The article points out that cauliflower can be mashed, grilled, broiled, cut into steaks and barbecued, served in salads or tossed with herbs, vinegars and oils. Who knew this vegetable was this versatile?

Then there is the doughnut, which from a rather “yin-yang” health perspective, is profiled as another hot food product for 2014. Much like cupcakes have been the last few years, doughnuts are now morphing into a food delicacy, with shops devoted to these sweet treats popping up all over. As one example, pastry chef Dominique Ansel in New York City created the Cronut, a croissant-doughnut hybrid, which he began selling last year. People now line up each morning to purchase them for $5 each at his SoHo bakery. Again, who would have guessed?

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Here are a few more hot foods and trends predicted for 2014:

  • flavored salts
  • healthy and gourmet burger restaurants
  • foraging
  • artisinal bacon

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